Links in Lesson: Making it FAIR

Wilkinson et al artikkeli:

FAIR principles by Force11:

Checklist for what data to keep:

ANDS organisation: What data to make FAIR video

DOI (Digital Object Identifier):


URN (Uniform Resource Names):

PURL (persitent URL):

Research Data Netherlands: Video on PIDs: 

Esa-Pekka Keskitalo explaining PIDs video

Aristotle Metadata Registry:  Video on metadata: 

DCC list of metadata: - search by discipline:

DCC tools for creating metadata:

Metadata standards video

Wilkinson article on identifying findability:

Checklist for accessibility:

Interoperability video

Force 11 FAIR for machines:

Checklist of interoperability:

Interoperability video

Michel Dumontier: at Nasig video: How FAIR is it? 

Liber Europe: presents Alaistair Dunning video Are FAIR principles fair?: 

Safe and secure data by Celeste Matarazzo video

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