Code of conduct

 Code of conduct and User agreement

Appropriate Use of Research Ethics Moodle

These binding rules concern all users of Research Ethics Moodle. Including you.

These rules apply to the use of all of the material on the Research Ethics Moodle site.

Every user is personally responsible for all use of the services with his/her user ID.

Use of the Research Ethics Moodle is monitored, and breach of these rules will be sanctioned.

The Research Ethics Moodle is for learning purposes for those studying or working in Finnish Universities only. Use of the Research Ethics Moodle for any commercial or propagandistic purposes is forbidden.

The authorisation to access the Research Ethics Moodle expires when the person no longer studies or works at a Finnish University.

Other users' privacy and ownership of information must be respected at all times.

I agree that I WILL:

  1. Observe all copyright laws and will respect intellectual property of everyone using or creating materials for Research Ethics Moodle,
  2. Use the Research Ethics Moodle only for the intended educational purposes,
  3. Respect the rights and privacy of other users,
  4. Be courteous in my communications with others on the Research Ethics Moodle,
  5. Ensure that my communications match the purposes outlined for the selected activity,
  6. Report any inappropriate or offensive material I encounter,
  7. Observe all the guidelines as specified by the Research Ethics Moodle, and
  8. Keep my password safe and not share access to the Research Ethics Moodle with others, nor seek to interfere with anyone else’s userID or password.

Last modified: Sunday, 17 January 2016, 6:46 PM