This a Moodle site for Research ethics 2cp course. 

Here you find the lecture videos, slides and other material.

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On this Moodle site you find the slides and the video recording of Professor Charles M. Ess's (Oslo University) lecture 

Ethics of Internet Research 

that was given via Zoom on Monday March 30, 12:15–13:45.

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Ethics in human research- this course focuses on ethical issues in human research. These include gaining informed consent, managing privacy/confidentiality, data storage. The course will be based on actual research plans of the participants. The focus is on seeking realistic and grounded answers to ethical issues in doctoral research through guided dialogue and applying ethical principles. The course consists of preparatory work, attending contact teaching as well as a short writing task at completion. The course is suitable for all stages of doctoral studies, but may be most useful in the planning phase.

Ethics and research objectivity- this course focuses on deeper ethical issues around what can we say in our research. One way to navigate to this question is to discuss the meaning of objectivity and subjectivity in research work. These questions guide us to consider appropriate distance between researcher and the subject, what can be said as truth, how to define validity, and when do we have the confidence to say our results represent the phenomenon we have studied. This course is based on actual issues and cases mainly raised by the participant. These will be explored using guided ethical dialogue. The course consists of preparatory work, attending contact teaching and a short writing task. The course is suitable for doctoral students who have experience in analysing research results.