This is a national Research Ethics course for students studying at the following universities:

  • Aalto University
  • Arts University Helsinki
  • Lapland University
  • University of Technology Lappeenranta
  • Vaasa University
  • Åbo Akademi

1 or 2 ECTS Research ethics course for doctoral level research students at the following universities:
Aalto, Lappeenranta, Hanken, Åbo Akademi, Vaasa, Lapland and Arts. 

Please refer to the course outline sent to you by email for details on your course requirements.

At the completion of this course a Doctoral candidate is able to

1.     recognise and analyse key research ethical questions

2.     formulate ethical research plans and responses to ethical challenges by applying key
ethical theories and approaches

3.     recognise and understand key ethical principles guiding research and how they apply to research work

4.     understand the Finnish Responsible Conduct of Research guidelines, processes for
dealing with research misconduct, and processes for applying research license or
ethical review

5.     identify rights and responsibilities as a researcher

understand how ethical decisions and choices influence society and research

This is the open learning space for Research Ethics. You will be able to access all the material, but not complete any of the assessment tasks or gain any credits.